After-Workout Meal – What to Eat After Your Workout

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pWhat you eat after your b workout/b is critically important to your overall health. Choose the right foods will make your day great. Choose the wrong ones and your day may go less than great./ppWhy?/ppAfter your exercise routine your body enters into a catabolic state in which your metabolism is breaking down tissue. Muscle glycogen has been depleted and cortisol levels are up. Both states are unhealthy./ppYou need a quick fix to return to an anabolic state where tissue growth and repair takes place./ppHow do you accomplish that necessary recovery in a speedy and healthy manner?/ppChoose foods that your body can quickly, easily and efficiently digest. You need to create a quick insulin spike with high glycemic (yes, you read that right, high glycemic) index carbs to move nutrients to the muscles fast. You also need quickly digestible protein that provides the amino acids that start muscle repair ASAP./ppGenerally you will get the fastest response from a meal ranging around 300-500 calories, depending on your body size. Females usually need the lower amount and males the higher number./ppThe optimal ratio of carbs to protein runs between 2:1 to 4:1. Notice the absence of fats in this meal./ppKnow your body’s individual needs./ppHow do you decide the numbers that are right for you? Start with the lower number and notice how you feel. Your goal is to feel good and be at your best to face the day full of energy, vitality and clear thinking./ppIf you do not get back to feeling great quickly increase your ratio above the 2:1. Always honor how you feel. When you feel good keep doing what you are doing!/ppRealize that the rules to follow for your post-b workout/b meal fly in the face of what you know to be optimal for the rest of your meals in general. For this meal you want high glycemic carbs, easy-to- digest protein and minimal fats. Remember that fat slows the absorption rate of the meal. And post b workout/b you want your meal absorbed as fast as possible./ppAt all other meals you want low glycemic carbs that are slowly digested, along with more slowly digested proteins and enough healthy fats to support your body’s healthy functioning./ppKnow that you absolutely do NOT need to take any of the sugary post-b workout/b supplement formulas touted by the fitness gurus and magazine ads. Be aware of ads written to look like editorials. That is an advertising gimmick to trick you into believing those are news articles rather than ads for products./ppMy favorite part of the post-b workout/b meal is the chance to eat the sweet fruitsĀ  (raisins, pineapples and bananas) as well as organic maple syrup or honey to provide the insulin shot that starts muscle glycogen replenishment and muscle rebuilding thereby returning your body to its healthy anabolic (building muscle tissue) state./p

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