4 Leg Toning Exercises Carried Out in Home

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pTo keep healthy, fit and strong regular b workout/b sessions should be a daily part of your routine. Most of the fitness experts suggest that you do a five minutes warm-up session before moving onto a b workout/b session of at least thirty minutes./ppAlthough many professionals can handle up to two hours of aerobic sessions but a session of thirty minutes to one hour is suggested for most. The purpose of carrying out a b workout/b session is not to stress your muscles but keep your body parts toned and healthy./ppThere are a number of b exercise/b routines for every part of your body. From your neck to your b legs/b, different b exercises/b are designed to keep them in shape and fit. Nowadays, b legs/b b exercise/b are gaining importance not only due to the fact that b legs/b are toned to give them perfect shape but with these b exercises/b your b legs/b with no longer feel saggy and tired./ppb Legs/b b exercise/b can be performed at home. If you carry out b legs/b b exercises/b regularly you will notice an increase in the flexibility of your b legs/b. Given below are some b legs/b b exercises/b that you can perform at home for their toning./pp1.Calf Muscle b Exercise/b: You can easy perform this b exercise/b at home. To perform this b exercise/b place your feet on a level ground and stand straight. Now lift off your heels and hold it there for ten or twenty seconds. The time duration can be more or less depending on your toleration level. After holding it for few seconds, slowly return to original position and repeat./pp2.Heels rest and toes raise b exercise/b: This b exercise/b tone your b legs/b, at the same time stretch toe and heel muscles. You should keep your heels on ground and raise yourself using toes for ten or twenty seconds. You will feel tension in your b legs/b. Gradually, return to original position and repeat./pp3.Hamstring Toning: This b exercise/b strengthens your b legs/b and increase flexibility of knees. This b exercise/b uses your body weight with dumbbells in hands to do sit or squat in air position. Before you stand back up hold them for few seconds. You can repeat this b exercise/b for 16 to 32 times./pp4.Elastic Tubing: For this b exercise/b makes sure you have stretchable tubing or b exercise/b band. For this you need to lie down on floor and fit the band around the feet. First curl the right b leg/b towards you with left b leg/b on floor and band attached and vice versa. Repeat this b exercise/b alternately./p

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